How to Configurate CryptoExchanger for first time use.

First at all, you must configurate SMTP settings which will help with mail sending.
Then you must fill all settings required in Web Settings section. Setup your Currency Converter API, auto-refresh interval and order expiration time.

And lets go setup the exchanger.
Open Gateways section and there have 3 buttons on the top. With this buttons you can add Fiat and Crypto payment methods from which you allow customers to exchange. After you setup all gateways which you want to use, go to section Exchange Directions. From here you can manage Send/Receive list between which exchange directions is allowed to submit orders. If you have some special rules like documents required or something else you can add Exchange Rules.
After you finish with this steps, you must setup last required settings. The Exchange Rates must be setup for each exchange direction managed by percentage or fixed rate.

If you are done with all settings you must add Cron Job which to update your rates for some period. You can setup it to be updated every 5,10,15,30 minutes or every hour. The command line for cron job you can find in "Exchange Rates" section.

Now your exchanger is allowed to accept exchange orders.
Other settings you can manage is Discoun System, Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.

If you still want help, you can create support ticket with your question.
Do not forgot to include your purchase code in ticket.

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