How to install CryptoExchanger

Step 1:
Download archive from your CodeCanyon account (Downloads section).

Step 2:
Upload script to your server or hosting. If you use Shared Hosting, upload directly via File Manager.

Step 3:
Move files from script directory to your root or subfolder directory. If you use subfolder, edit .htaccess file. Where is RewriteBase / replace with RewriteBase /subfolder/

Step 4:
Run install wizard. To run install wizard open your browser and enter your IP address or domain name. Then follow instructions.

Step 5:
Open admin panel and go to "Gateways" section. Setup all gateways which you want to use. Then manage directions between gateways. Add exchange rates between directions and thats all. Your exchanger is ready for use.

If you have some issue with installlation or after installation, check our knowledge base and if do not find your problem, create a support ticket.

  • Created 1 year ago

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